An integrated system for buildings’ energy-efficient automation

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Interactive software tool

Interactive software tool

Demo building automation system
Industrial automation pyramid
Interactive software’s philosophy
Building’s daily load curve

Although integrated building automation systems have become increasingly popular, an integrated system which includes remote control technology to enable real-time monitoring of the energy consumption by energy end-users, as well as optimization functions is required.

To respond to this common interest, the main aim of the paper is to present an integrated system for buildings’ energy-efficient automation. The proposed system is based on a prototype software tool for the simulation and optimization of energy consumption in the building sector, enhancing the interactivity of building automation systems.

The system can incorporate energy-efficient automation functions for heating, cooling and/or lighting based on recent guidance and decisions of the National Law, energy efficiency requirements of EN 15232 and ISO 50001 Energy Management Standard among others. The presented system was applied to a supermarket building in Greece and focused on the remote control of active systems.

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