Digital Services

In the area of IT, HOLISTIC covers all aspects of information, communication, decision making, planning and forecasting needs of contemporary organisations in the public or private sector. Within this framework, HOLISTIC participates in RTD projects, provides high quality consulting services, undertakes targeted research contracts and develops solutions for real problems in industry, trade, education, health and public administration world-wide.


HOLISTIC specializes in the following areas:

We provide interoperability R&D services for administrations, businesses and research institutions in Greece and South-Eastern Europe as well as Mediterranean region and Europe. The targeted areas include technical, semantic, organizational and legal interoperability.
We are specialised in the design and implementation of data collection, combination and analysis of structured and unstructured big data from distributed resources, such as databases, the internet and social media networks. We use state-of-art technologies for big data semantic enrichment, big data cleaning, processing and analytics, as well as big data exploration and visualisation.
HOLISTIC contributes to the design and implementation of eSystems, such as eBusiness, participatory democracy and eGovernment systems, eHealth information systems and services, and eLearning systems. We provide the best business practices and incorporate the latest internet technologies, such as multitiered systems, web enabled applications, interoperable applications based on open standards.