Energy Home System

Energy Home System

HOLISTIC’s approach on smart home heating & cooling

HOLISTIC developed a smart cooling & heating control system for smart house applications aiming to enter the Smart Home emerging market, the Holistic Energy Home System (EHS).

The EHS integrates easy to install and operate smart controllers, connected in a local closed Wi-Fi network, operating under a customized software, that allows for Smart Cooling and Heating control. Our system uses IoT controllers and sensors connected to a mini PC, applying energy saving and efficiency scenarios, using Real World Data, taking advantage of the experience gained from the “Data-Driven” Energy Management Solution.

When it comes to energy saving in the domestic buildings field, integrating Real World Data to your calculations is a real challenge that leads to complex and high-cost solutions. HOLISTIC with EHS, aims in addressing these important issues and presents to the Smart Home market a simple, lower-cost solution with high expansion capabilities.

Entering TRL6-7 phase of our development we have assembled and installed various configurations of our system, allowing us to monitor the performance of our system on real world applications and gather valuable data.

On the video below you can find out more on the basic operations of EHS along with a demonstration of its first features and capabilities!

The system will reach the customer preconfigured, preconnected and ready to operate with minimal installation! No more need for complex setup process and high-cost experts & technicians!