BigDataOcean Platform

BigDataOcean brings a digital revolution the maritime industry by creating a large maritime big data infrastructure that enables collaborative, data-driven intelligence. BigDataOcean allows analytics based on diverse data resources, coming from public and private providers. More specifically BigDataOcean platform is a big data platform that provides you the tools to explore marine maritime data coming from different sources and enables big data queries and analytics throught the use of an integrated suite of tools. This suite includes the BigDataOcean Query Designer, the Dashboard Builder and the Services Builder. Using these tools, the user can interactively query, view and analyse results from multiple data sets, which may vary in both spatial and temporal resolutions.

Main Features: 

  • Explore and search a large number of marine datasets / variables for your needs
  • Perform ad hoc Queries on the datasets
  • Create ad hoc visualisations and dashboards based on the datasets


Customer Benefits

Explore Oceans of data for your needs

Browse through the TBs of blue data available on the BigDataOcean Platform to find the information you need quickly.

Dive into Deep Insights

Choose from a variety of visualizations to project your data and analysis. From charts to map projections we assure that you can see your data the way you like.

Combine information at your fingertips

Mashup your enterprise data with public data in the most cost efficient way. Perform ad hoc queries over datasets coming from different providers

Powerful customization

Collaborate with the BigDataOcean team to create your custom maritime app and data analytic needs on top of the BigDataOcean platform!