MATRYCS website is live!

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MATRYCS website
MATRYCS website
MATRYCS website

We are happy to announce that we have launched MATRYCS website at!

You can check the features and our initial content which includes:

  1. General description of the project (aims, methodology, objectives, works structure, consortium etc.)
  2. Description of the Large-scale Pilots
  3. Dedicated tab for MATRYSC Toolbox which is an introduction for our main asset.
  4. News & Events which has already our fist actions
  5. A specific place where the user can have access to our publishable resources
  6. And finally a dedicated tab for our communication and dissemination material

With buildings accounting for nearly 40% of EU energy consumption, the building sector should play a key role in effective climate policy. The constantly increasing momentum of big data and their related technologies constitutes an unprecedented market opportunity for improving the energy efficiency along the building sector and its lifecycle and for better managing energy consumption and generation at building level. More and more data are being generated within buildings nowadays, due to the increasing adoption of leading-edge technologies hence contributing to move forward towards a smart building landscape.

MATRYCS aims to capitalise and combine existing modern technological breakthroughs in the areas of ML / DL and big data, in order to develop a new decision-making and data analytics solution for energy-efficient buildings.

MATRYCS will realise a holistic, state-of-the-art AI-empowered framework for decision-support models, data analytics and visualisations for Digital Building Twins and real-life applications. The overall vision of MATRYCS is to define and deploy a Reference Architecture for Buildings Data exchange, management and real-time processing, and to translate this reference architecture into an Open, Cloud-based Data Analytics Toolbox (MATRYCS Modular Toolbox). It will enable AI-based cross-sector analytics for smart energy-efficient buildings through three layers, MATRYCS-GOVERNANCE, MATRYCS-PROCESSING and MATRYCS-ANALYTICS.

Eventually, MATRYCS will enable reliable and effective policymaking, as well as support the creation and exploitation of innovative services through the utilization of a wide variety of data, for the safe and effective operation of buildings.

MATRYCS service analytics reference framework will be applied, demonstrated and validated in 11 real-life large-scale pilots strategically selected to have multinational direction covering different regions and levels, such as regional, national and pan-European.