ECO SENSE presented in the international conference HELORS 2023

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HOLISTIC, in collaboration with the other partners of the ECO SENSE project, successfully participated in the international conference on Operational Research - HELORS 2023, which took place in Athens from June 29th to July 1st. The ECO SENSE platform, the set of tools and the ECO SENSE certification system that were developed in the context of the project, as well as the relevant Multi-Criteria Analysis methods applied, were presented, with the aim of supporting Municipal Enterprises in the implementation of actions to reduce carbon footprint and adapt to climate change. The application of the methodologies to 15 Municipal Enterprises in real conditions and with real world data they provided, allowed for a first assessment of the effectiveness of the relevant actions proposed through the ECO SENSE Roadmap tool. The public was particularly interested in the live display of the platform's functions and especially the “ECO SENSE Forecasting” energy consumption-forecasting tool.