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StartupNowForum is an Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Technology conference for Startuppers, Investors, Business Executives, Employees and Organizations. The venue is in Elefsina city, the European Capital of culture and also the center of Thriasio Pedio. Inspired by the fact that the city of Elefsina is characterized by the strong industrial activity and the coexistence of thousands of Industrial, Transportation and Environmental Enterprises. The core idea of StartupNowForum is to bring together innovative Greek ideas, local authorities and investors through the matchmaking platform of the conference, the exhibition areas and through the parallel speeches.

HOLISTIC will support the conference as industrial partner!

StartupNowForum aims to bring in the center of innovation at the same time three different categories of involved parties. It also constitutes a connection between the existed structures bringing in the surface New Technologies. The main goals of the conference are to point out new innovative ideas and enterprises, to connect all the evolved parties for the formation of business deals and investments but also to cultivate Start Up Entrepreneurship which can provide solutions in industrial and operational matters of the Greek Enterprises.

In order for this goal to be achieved they are going to be three initiatives at the same time.

  • Entrepreneurship Competition for the Nomination of the Best Greek Startup.
  • A Forum of 15 Topics of Interest with speeches from well esteemed Business Executives, Politicians, Educational and Cultural Sectors/Entities, Investors and members of the Startup ecosystem.
  • Meeting Points for matchmaking for the involved parties to find Customers, Investors or Innovation