Dissemination & Awareness Creation

HOLISTIC dissemination and communication measures to promote the project and its results during the period of the grant include but not be restricted to:

Dissemination Strategy and Project Identity

  • Defining an analytical Dissemination and Communication Strategy. It identifies the project results and assets that have a high dissemination potential, the relevant target groups, the means/tools and channels of dissemination.
  • Designing the project graphical identity, to ensure brand consistency (creation of the logo, general colour schemes and design elements to be integrated in the specific templates for dissemination purposes).

Digital Outreach & Data Sharing

  • Development, update and maintenance of the website during the project’s lifetime and beyond. The website, freely accessible, will operate as a one-stop-shop for any interested party that wishes to get aware of the project's advancements.
  • A strong online and social media presence, to reach identified influencers.

Communication Material

  • Producing project documentation that will report both the benefits of the results/services and benefits for different stakeholders to use these results/services (promotional brochure, flyers, e-newsletters, factsheets, policy briefs, posters, banners, mass emails, videos, and other communication means).
  • Releasing early project publications (including scientific publications and special issues), to raise awareness among relevant target audience and highlight project achievements and excellence.


  • Contributing to the organisation of the project's events (project meetings, workshops, training seminars, conferences, etc.).
  • Contributing to external events, to raise key stakeholders’ awareness and facilitate knowledge sharing, thus increasing the project impact.
  • Creating synergies with other projects and initiatives.