Marketing Activities

Market Segmentation

On-going market analyses ensure that the project continues to be aware of new competition as it emerges. Several analyses are undertaken during the project, and include talking to a large sample of potential buyers outside the consortium to ensure that the proposed services deliver what the market needs at a price buyers are willing to pay. We also analyse key differences between each of the project's new services and emerging solutions, including competing near-to-market research activities. This information is crucial to assure the successful exploitation of the project results, since the business plan use this information.


We will align relevant new digital services to relevant segments using the appropriate mix of marketing activities, anticipated to be in different ecosystems. In order to proceed so, the targeting strategy will be designed and will involve the segmentation of the market, to evaluate the potential and commercial attractiveness of each segment and choose the appropriate ones.


A main objective of the marketing activity, is to occupy a clear, unique, and advantageous position in the consumer's mind. We communicate the benefits and capabilities of each new service early, so that potential buyers understand and buy into it. It will position each new service in each identified target segment, enabling it to explore SME perceptions of each service in relation to its competitors.