Exploitation: Market Diffusion and Large-Scale Uptake

Exploitation and Business Plan

HOLISTIC contributes to the development of the “Exploitation and Business Plan”. As a first step, HOLISTIC supports the identification of the exploitable assets of the project, along with the results to be sustained following the end of the project. Accordingly, a plan for exploiting each one of the various assets is specified, including exploitation of the asset by individual partners (where applicable) and joint exploitation (notably in cases where the assets will have been produced by more than one partners). The plan includes identification of the target market(s), identification of interested customers and stakeholders, market analysis, as well as exploitation modalities.

Data Management Plan

HOLISTIC contributes to the development of the Data Management Plan. An open data management plan generates wider interest towards improvements achieved by the project, in order to facilitate and potentiate exploitation opportunities. The goal of HOLISTIC is to investigate the appropriate methodologies and open repositories for data management and dissemination, and try to offer through open access as much as information generated by the project. Such information would be scientific publication issued by the Consortium, white papers published, open source code generated, mock-up datasets used for supporting the development process, etc.